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The pope and the plum blosson divination

The feb.  11th  2013 at 11.46  AM We have the news that Benedictus XVI  decided to do not run as a Pope  of  Catholic church anymore  and he will dedicate the rest of his life to prayier.

In the nite of feb. 11th  a lamp fall down into roof of the Vatica City.

Normally when we use plum blosson divination we need to have a action to get a hexagram….

I’m using this image to cast a gua to try ti undertand whats is happening behind the scenes of the news of Benedictus XVI vaticano

The Lamp is a good and clear image to be use a plum blosson divination

The first trigram we use is given by the direction of the lamp that run from Li to Kan

as I do not have the rigth time from the event I’ll use the number of trigrams to get the moving Yao.

yi jing papale

The first trigram that we find on top indicates the present moment.  The trigram Li with the number 3 on the left represents the pope and Kan with the number 6 represents his quitting.  The interaction between the two triagram is the event which brings to decide him not to continue and he decides to quit.  Using the cycles of the elemtns we find Kan which is water with Li which is fire.  The cycle of the 5 elements indicates that water controls fire.  With the point of view with the book of Yi Jing, this indicates pressure .  If we think of the decision of the pope to quit is job we translate it that this was a decision which was made under duress.  In fact, the newspapers repeat what was said by the pope in their discussion indicating that he is feeling the weight of his position.

Its interesting to note that he decided to quit in winter season where Kan is strong and Li is weak … We also can see this trigram as he is tired and with not energy to run  his job bcus he is not support by season and yeay.

I’d like to clarify that anoucement is not a decition.

For news we found in news paper pope Benedictus got the decition in Dec and wait until feb to anounce it.

“Il Papa ha spiegato di sentire il peso dell’incarico di pontefice, di aver a lungo meditato su questa decisione e di averla presa per il bene della Chiesa Il Sole 24 Ore -“


From medical point of view Li represents the heart.  In fact Li is the only hexagram which is negative and this indicates his point of weakness.  When?  During the three months of water (November, December, January) are the months when the heart is the weakest.

The year of 2012 is the Chen year which is earth.  The earth exhausts fire.  The water contained around December, it is there that Li, the heart, is attached at two different angles. From one side Li is exausted from the year and from month cicle is controlled by Kan

In one way the earth exhausts and the other way the water controls creating some difficulties in health.  In fact, with news in the media there is evidence that the battery in his pacemaker was failing.

As he was born on April 16th, 1927, he is still in the period annually of wood, trigram Xun. (This is calculated based on his birthdate.)

Always using the generating cycle, the wood feeds the fire and as of 4th of February 2013 in which he finds the support that he can continue ahead with his health.

This trigram will accompany him until the middle of April which he will enter the annual triagram Kan.  In poor words, from April on the health problems may return.

Another positive aspect is that the year 2013 is under the sign Si (year of snake) and this fire provided by the year will help Benedetto’s health.

cuore papa

There are two things that draws my attention.  From the first and second pillar, we find a triagram hidden, this hidden triagram corresponds with the moving Yao, Li presents another person that is able like the pope. Certainly, in the history of the church we have never had two popes.  In fact, this hidden trigram is the strength of him not to be seen.

Another interesting aspect is that between Li and Kan there is a hidden clash.  In fact, if we apply the two hidden branches we find Wu and Zi.  This clash creates movement and especiall the one that carries the decision to quit.  The clash also indicates two faction in fight.

There are some important dates in this story one is the date Zi? Approximately 6 months ago, it is worth saying around October 2012.  In this cae, we find an event that is important which is the condemnation of the person considetto the raven.

6 mesi fa

When did this pressure begin…Aroun 9 months ago…

Let’s look for a second at the subject and the object of the first pillar

to be able to read more profoundly what there was 9 months ago that created this situation?

It is worth saying that if we think of Li as a subject (body) and Kan as object (apply) Kan it means a relation under pressure.  If we put Kan as subject and think Li as object (apply) we see another interesting aspect. Li with Kan means money around 9 months ago, we had a leglal problem with this money of the vatican . Because in reality, problem with the cycle of wealth should be positive in order to control the resources of IOR Bank ?  Kan which is water will normally emerge which there are important disaster.  again in  this trigram there is a figth between ZI and Wu. IF we considere the first and second trigram there is a igthing dor money related problems.

Te news press confirm it…. in the following article

In the newspapers of 9 months ago, we find this news.


Well, now we can start to imagine  what is the prblems behind the scene of the renunciation of the Pope.  We will see the outcome.

Between the Popes and the Pope not less than 36 days will go by.(li / kan) and the new conclave will last at least 3/6 days to come to a decision. So that around March 19 and March 25, 2013 we will have a new Pope …….

What will happen in the meantime?

This is read in the second pillar.

In this process, we can see that Kan controls Li and it is apparent that this is a positive sign as it is the object and the one that controls the subject. What always remains below is the clash Wu / zi which indicates two groups in discussion. The dispute aims to control the money and in this case it is the fire at the helm of spirituality.

Li  /Xun is a new result of hexagram and march is also wood…. the new pope will b good supported by people.

Aggiornamento di oggi 14/02/13

The following news press conferm the reading of hexagrams

chiesa divisa

Special thanks to Anne Mari Niro for helping me to translate this article
Hope u enjoy it
Con i migliori auguri per l’anno 2013
Alejandro Sole Costa